DDD Consultation

DDD Service Provider Consultation

DyShea Upshaw-Johnson MA, MS, BCBA, who has over 15 years of experience in the DDD & IDD field is now providing “DDD Service Provider Consultation” and 3rd Party Behavior Support Contract Services.

Consultation Services:

Contact Me For Pricing and Fees.

A general phone call is free.
A meeting to discuss any information in regards to DDD provider services.
*Dual Medicaid & DDD Application for any DDD services.

DDD policy writing.

Day Program Policies
Residential Policies
Transportation Policy
Community Base Supports Policies

Behavioral Supports Policies

  • Embedded Behavioral Support Policy
    • Higher Level
  • Standalone
    • Limited
    • Unlimited

* Willing to edit and complete previously submitted behavioral supports policy.

3rd party Behavior Supports Contracting for DDD Group homes and Day Program Providers who do not wish to hire a full time BCBA.

Individuals with acuity:
Planning and assessment.
For individuals with an acuity we bill them directly.

Other 3rd Party Behavior Supports Contract Services provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analysts are:
Orientation: Behavior Overview Training.
Train the Trainer.
Staff Training.
Level 3 plans must be trained by the BCBA, Review of ISP’s for new intakes.
Attends meet and greets.
Annual  ISP meetings and IDT meetings. (meetings can be in person or via phone, zoom, etc.
Validity Checks, which will be conducted twice a month to insure staff understanding and knowledge of the plans.

For more info on these programs, please contact:

Dyshea T. Upshaw-Johnson: 856-831-6646

Email: d.upshaw@givingbetterlives.com