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 The Behavioral Health Day Habilitation (Adult Day Program) and In-Home Behavioral Services (Applied Behavior Analysis) are in two different settings. The Behavioral Health Day Habilitation Program is in a clinical setting only and completely separate from In-Home Behavioral Services (Applied Behavior Analysis).

The Behavioral Health Day Habilitation Program is located at 190 Evergreen St. Woodbury NJ 08096 Suite 205 Building One.

GBL is a program led by Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Registered Behavior Techs. Our day program provides person-centered services that are broad in nature, but realistic and based upon assessed needs and capabilities of the individuals based on information attained through the use of behavioral and/or service objectives as stated in the Supports Program Policies & Procedure Manual:

“As a student moves from the school system into the adult service system, it is important to plan for his/her future by ascertaining his/her vision for life as an adult and assisting him/her in identifying services and supports that may be needed to reach that vision”.

We at GBL assist these individuals to be successful in these areas by following The Mission and Division goals of the Supports Program Policies & Procedure Manual..

  • Ensure health and safety while respecting the rights of individuals
  • Promote and expand community-based supports and services to avoid institutions, segregated services, and out-of-state services
  • Promote individual choice, natural relationships and equity in the provision of supports and services
  • Ensure access to needed services from other state and local agencies
  • Support provider agencies in achieving core principles
  • Ensure that services are high in quality and culturally competent
  • Ensure financial accountability and compliance with all laws and ethical codes

We serve adults who are dual diagnosed: intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, and Autistic. GBL has a ratio of two staff to five participants. A Registered Behavior Tech (RBT) and a DSP. GBL has a minimum of 35 participants, service adults who are fully ambulatory, and range from the ages 21-60.

Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 6 am- 4 pm; participant hours Monday through Friday will be 9 am to 3 pm and on Saturdays 9 am -4 pm. Proudly servicing Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem, and Burlington Counties.

The anticipated outcome of GBL is to maximize independence through behavioral supports utilizing the Nurture Heart Approach creating life enrichment through education and training to acquire the skills and experience needed for community participation.

GBL offers in-home support delivering Parent Training, Social and Coping Skills and Functional Communication Training for ages 13 – 64 years old.

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